Do you want to stop smoking?

ADVape started because my wife and I just couldn't stop smoking and we had tried everything to do so. When we found that vaping was an easy step to stopping, it seemed miraculous!

I was very lucky that I was shown a way to quit without any anxiety or withdrawal and we share that news daily with new customers. If you are set up correctly with the right equipment and nicotine, it is easy. On the flip side, if you just buy any old kit and your needs are not met, the chances are that you will end up back on cigarettes.

Most addicted smokers do not need lots of vapour and expensive, large equipment because they are likely to be on a low nicotine dose. However, the smaller kits produce less vapour but higher nicotine, creating a very similar experience to smoking. Nicotine can always be reduced once you are comfortable with the set up.

If you really want to stop smoking and need the ideal set up for doing so, please visit us in St Johns and we will try our very best to assist you.

For those who live further away, you are always welcome to message us and we will be more than happy to help.

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