Pocket rockets!!

With Pod Mods becoming more and more popular for discreet, socializing or just for work vaping, I decided to have a look at the Vaporesso Zero and share my thoughts.........

Wow! Such a small mod with a great 650mAh battery. I Have finally found what that little pocket in my jeans is for, it fits perfectly :)

OK, so what does it have that other pod mods are missing. Well it is refillable and uses a ceramic coil, so I expect a good life from the replaceable pod.

Having used the Aspire Breeze and more recently the Teros, the Zero is much easier to fill. No unwinding the coil, like you have to do with the Breeze and no fiddly plug to pull out, like the Joyetech Teros, the vaporesso Zero has a unique inlet that you simply press and fill from your e liquid bottle. They even give you a small bottle if you need to transfer liquids from a dripper or such. This means a lot to me, I don't want to be messing about attempting to fill a mod and needing to carry tissue around with me just in case.

Vaporesso seem to have thought of everything here, Temperature Control to ensure no dry hits and an adjustable wattage option, enabling you to run at 9, 10.5 or 12 watts. Press the indicator light 3 times to change the wattage and you will see the button change colour. Green = 12 watts, Blue = 10.5 watts and red = 9 watts.

Once fully charged press the same button/indicator light and it will be green, over 70% charged, blue between 30-70% charged and red if it's beneath 30%.

The Zero comes in 9 great colours: black, white, silver, green, blue, red, arctic blue (more green than blue), orange and rainbow.

I think this is an amazing mouth to lung vape and is my favourite pod mod. Please don't think I am knocking either the Breeze or the Teros, as I have enjoyed both but this little beauty is a bit special.

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