Squonking - The Latest Vaping Trend

Fast becoming one of the most popular methods of vaping, ‘squonking’ is taking the industry by storm. With all the same benefits as a normal vaping kit, squonk kits also offer the flavour benefits of an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser).

Squonk mods contain an internal bottle, which holds your e-liquid supply and push it up into the atomiser – eradicating the need to carry bottles of juice around with you; simply squeeze the squonker to wet the wicks and hit the fire button as normal.

While we love the flavour and cloud production of a dripper, they have never been convenient whilst out and about – but squonking has really changed the game – giving us all the benefits of a dripper, with the convenience of an everyday tank. Squonkers can hold up to 10ml of juice – so you can carry enough e-liquid to last an entire day.

It can be a bit of a learning curve to find the balance and avoid under/over squonking – but most experienced vapers will feel quite comfortable playing around to find what works best for their mod and tank.

Overall, we’d recommend everyone try squonking, from new vapers to advanced cloud chasers – it’s a brilliant ‘all-in-one’ solution and it won’t be long until every brand has a squonk mod in their range.

Our top pick: iJoy CAPO Squonker Kit

As well as being the first 20700 squonker mod with 100W output and combo RDA, it’s also the first regulated squonker mod, so you can be confident that you are using a completely safe product.

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