Goodbye to the Istick Basic kit

We have always highly praised the "Istick Basic" for smokers who wish to quit without going through withdrawal and have sold many in both our store and online. Eleaf have stopped producing them but spare coils and tanks are still widely available.

The good news however is that we have found a kit that we believe surpasses the Eleaf in both quality and performance! The Aspire X30 Rover kit sports a 200mAh battery and while the Basic offered 2300mAh, the X30 lasted longer when we tested it. It uses the Nautilus X tank for easy top filling and because it has variable wattage, you can set it up for the best personal taste.

We are sorry to see the "Basic" go but it is a blessing in disguise, The X30 Rover is in our opinion a much better kit!

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